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Game of Thrones Casting News! Asim Ahmad will play Thoros of Myr, a red priest of the Lord of Light and fearsome warrior.

Asim Ahmad, a British-raised theater actor whose past entertainment work include uncredited bit parts in The Dark Knight and Inception as well as doing some writing for Marvel Comics in the early 00s, is rumored to have been cast as Thoros of Myr, a red priest of the Lord of Light and fearsome warrior. The character was mentioned in the first season (and actually appeared in the first book), and according to one admittedly very secondhand source is a part that “would require [Ahmad] to be in 13 episodes.” Since each Game of Thronesseason is definitely only ten episodes — it’s the only way to keep the gargantuan production costs even remotely under control — there’s a lot of ways to parse that, but the simplest is probably just to say it’s a bit of garbled information and that the key thing is that Ahmad — who has tweeted an acknowledgment of the rumors — seems decently likely to be taking on the role, and it should be a major part in the series. Of course, it’s still best to take these things with a grain of salt until we have something more substantial. [SpoilerTV]

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